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Top 10 Best Gold Coins for Investing

Gold is a popular form of investment and you can various types of gold. There is an option to trade future contracts or buy gold mining stocks.  Moreover, you can also invest in gold mutual funds. However, almost every expert is going to tell you that if you want to invest in golf, you should buy gold coins.

Again, there are options you can buy rounds, bars, or coins. Once you settle with one of these, the choices are endless. In this article, we will focus on the gold coins.  Coins are much different from the rounds as it is issued by the government authorities while rounds are issued by the private mints. Take a look at some of the gold coins that you can buy.

American Eagle One Ounce Gold Coin

This is just combination of the American spirit.  You can easily recognize American Eagle throughout the world. There are bald eagles on one side and liberty striding on the other. This coin is issued in limited numbers every year. Moreover, it will give you two choices, the uncirculated coins and the proofs.

American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Coin

You can buy gold coins like American Buffalo which came up in the year 2006.  This has the highest gold content in gold coins in U.S. It has a buffalo on one side and the classic American profile on the other.  The American Buffalo has $50 tender value. The edges of this coin are bit irregular.

Canadian Maple Leaf One Ounce Gold Coin

Canada Maple Leaf boasts of exact excellence and four 9 fines. This has many contender outside United States.  If you are looking for something really unique, you should go for these gold coins.

British Britannia One Ounce Gold Coin

If you buy gold coins like Lady Britannia, you will have a coin which is gracing the coins since the first century. This represents the British Royal Mint’s contribution to the one ounce method of investing.

South African Krugerrand  One Ounce Gold Coin

This coin is the favorite outside the United States. Krugerrand is one of the least expensive gold coins. You will be able to recognize it immediately from the springbok antelop.

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Austrian Philharmonic One Ounce Gold Coin

Whether you want to buy gold coins for a gift or investment, Austrian Philharmonic can be considered to be the masterpieces. This is the only gold bullion coin that is issued in euros.

Canadian Maple Leaf Half Ounce Gold Coin

Canadian Maple Leaf Half ounce provides you the opportunity to add 24K fractional coins to the metal portfolio.

American Eagle Half Ounce Gold Coin

Just as the one ounce coin, half ounce American Eagle is 22kk. However, it has complete half ounce of gold coin along with the silver copper alloy. This makes the coin more durable.  Even if this coin is popular, people buy about third of these uncirculated coins.

Canadian Maple Leaf 1/4-Ounce Gold Coin

This might not be the smallest but is still quite mighty. It is a bit pricier than the American Eagle. The leaf has the micro-engraved security features.

American Eagle 1/4-Ounce Gold Coin

Although this is not quite the smallest denomination, ¼ gold coins is known to hold its present market. if you buy gold coins like this, you will notice that it has significant attraction when it comes to the jewelry market.