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Different Types of Bridal Jewellery Popular In India

The look of a bride is never complete without jewellery. It does not matter to which culture a bride belongs to, jewelry forms an integral part. After all wearing right kind of trinkets can easily help to augment the beauty of a bride. Moreover, jewelers Woodbridge feels that the ornaments which a bride would wear on their wedding day can consummate with their wedding couture.

If you are an Indian bride, you must be well aware of various jewelry options available in the market. However, for a foreign bride it is not that easy. After all, Indian bridal jewelry consists of a wide range of ornaments, such as necklaces, bangles, nose rings, earrings, and so on. Hence, before one starts to shop for their bridal ornaments, it would be better if one learns about the various types or ornaments in advance.

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Huge Importance to Bridal Jewellery

From the context of an Indian wedding or any other wedding form, bridal jewellery holds an important place. A wide range of options are available for the brides starting from gold to semi-precious stones and more. However, while choosing your ornaments, you must be very careful. You must try to make sure the ornaments you pick match with your outfits and don’t clash with each other.

In case, if you don’t have any idea about popular forms of bridal ornaments, you can take the help of jewelers Woodbridge. They can guide would-be brides with the most popular pieces of ornaments suitable for brides. Take a look below.


Neckalce: It is one of the most traditional forms of trinkets. Necklaces can come in various forms. From Gold to Meenakari necklaces are readily available in the market. The exquisite designs inscribed on the necklace makes them stand apart. Another symbolic form of necklace is Mangalsutra.

Nose Ring: Another important piece of bridal jewellery is the nose ring. It is assumed that this form of trinket holds a traditional value. Nose rings are available in various size and designs. Nowadays, stud nose rings are easily available with leading jewelers Woodbridge.

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Kamarband: It is another important piece of bridal ornament. Basically, it is a metal belt that is tied around the waist of a bride. Wearing this ornament can improve the overall appearance of a bride. This kind of ornament can be made up of pure gold and semi-precious metals.

Bangles: It is considered to be one of the most important pieces of trinket which can be very colorful. It can come in various forms like glass or ivory bangles.  Even if one wants they can settle for gold bangles. Jewelers Woodbridge can offer wide variety of gold bangles which can come in various designs.

Wedding Rings: It forms one of the most delicate pieces of trinkets. Various kinds of rings are available like diamond rings or gold rings or wedding bands. A bride can choose their preferred piece of rings according to their taste.

These are some popular options for bridal jewellery that are easily available from jewelers Woodbridge. Choosing right trinkets can help a bride to look very beautiful on their wedding day.