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Posted by: | Posted on: July 10, 2018

How to Choose Residential Wall Safes?

Residential Safes are once in a lifetime purchase. They do not usually go out of fashion. When you purchase a safe, several factors have to be taken into account.

What will You Keep in the Safe?

It might seem strange, but this will help in determining if you require a secure container or a fire rated container. Fire ratings are usually based on the splash point and are known to be calculated in hours. A safe which has one hour rating is going to protect the contents from burning for one hour.

In case you are going to buy a safe for protecting computer media like stamp collection or backup, you will require a safe which is known as media safe. However, if you need residential safes for holding petty cash or some jewelry then you will require a secure container.

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How Big Does it Have to Be?

This is a pretty common question. You should always choose the safe size bigger than the one that will hold everything today. Once you have a safe, you will continuously discover things that you want to put inside. This might make it cramped inside and it will make it difficult to find what you want. Hence, you will end up leaving valuables outside the safe.

Where will You Install the Safe?

It might feel like a strange question but the first rule here is installing a safe is nothing but a take away container for a thief in case it is not securely bolted down the premises. The next consideration for the topic is where you are going to install the safe. There is no hard and fast rule but it is better to install it on a concrete flooring. If concrete floor is not an option then you should try to install a steel plate under the floor is between the bolt and joist through the floor.

The next thing that you have to consider is how convenient it is to access the safe. The best and the most common location for the residential safes are inside the wardrobe in the master bedroom. It is nice, handy, and bit hidden from casual observers.

Who will have the Right to Open it?

This will help you to decide the locking system of the residential safes.  In case the operator is an old person, the simplest option for her will be the digital combo lock.  Another option is the mechanical combo. It has been around for years and is synonymous with safes. This kind of lock is pretty reliable and safe.

The simplest locking system for residential safes is the keys. Having one of these on the key-ring is inconvenient and also shows the world that you have a safe. It is better to use a combination of keys and combo.

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Do You Require a Posting Slot?

A majority of the safes have a fitted posting slot. This can either be drop drawer or simple opening. The usefulness of the posting slot is that any member will be able to secure the money in the safe. However, they will not be able to access the contents of the safe. These kind of residential safes are generally used when a cash register can keep too much cash leaving the site open to stick-up resulting in disruptions in the business operations.