1. What is your success rate?

A. HouseMAXX™ success rate is very similar to using a real estate agent, the big difference is that you get to keep your hard earned equity. The success rate also largely depends on a couple of factors. First, and foremost is that the homeowner must price their property accurately – See Ten Tips for Sellers. Secondly, the type of advertising option you pick with HouseMAXX will aid in successfully selling your home, obviously Option 3 with 20+ pictures and professional signage will give you the best results. HouseMAXX is averaging over 3+ Million Hits per month, every month, from prospective buyers from all over the world! …. And the average time to SELL a property is essentially the same as a real estate agent; the BIG difference is that you keep get to keep thousands of dollars in your own pocket!

2. Why is your Fee so LOW?

A. Our philosophy at HouseMAXX™ is to offer the consumer and property owner a viable solution to traditional avenues of selling their homes and properties and in the process allowing people to keep their hard earned equity! With an International Professional FSBO Advertising Service like HouseMAXX™, you get maximum exposure and save maximum equity! Check out our Listing Options NOW! Let the 24/7 Virtual Tour Open House work for you! Forget about wasting your time on Open Houses on weekends! Pre-Screen and Qualify serious buyers by sending them to the website and if they are serious, they will call you back for a personal viewing. It’s the most effective and efficient way to sell your home! What will you do with the MONEY you Save?